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Hello brothers, I hope everyone is doing well.

I wanted to introduce you to a small modification for those of you who enjoy working with the Magic Hand technique. I also practice this technique a lot and record myself and realise that when I turn into the blind spot during preparation, my movements are still a little noticeable. This is because the hair band around my arm requires fine motor skills to lift the screwdriver through the band. Even when turning into the blind spot, I've found that under stress and with sweaty hands, it can be very difficult to grip the band with your fingers without signalling a large movement to your attacker. I have tied several knots to the hairband that look outwards a little so that I can pull on them and only pull from my fingers to lift the hairband and trough the screwdriver. this modification also automatically ensures a faster preparation time, which makes turning to the dead angle and back again look even more natural.

Malte Bud "Fionn"


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