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Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is a short post but on a rather important side of active shooter situations that often gets overlooked. I will soon complete a more extensive article on the subject, which will be titled "Inside the Mind of an Active Shooter" and which will be available in the Tribe's blog, with a dedicated post in relation to this article in Tribe 13 Psychological Readiness Center. This article will start a series of materials that will provide insights, from the perspective of clinical as well as criminal psychology, into the way in which problem individuals with various types of distinct psychological conditions perceive the act of targeted violence. As protectors, we need to understand our own mind and constantly work on fortifying it. Yet we also need to understand the inner workings of the minds of those who we face as we protect ourselves and those we choose to keep safe. As part of this introduction to this upcoming series of materials, let us start thinking from this perspective in regard to active shooter situations and acts of targeted violence in general, which are becoming increasingly common in these troubled times we live in. What drives the active shooter to commit violence? Let us imagine an active shooter situation from the perspective of the attacker. It may be hard at first. But developing the habit of constantly analyzing threats from the perspective of those who generate them is what it takes to be able to identify them in time and respond to them effectively. "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu Let us forge that valuable skill that increases our psychological readiness. And for this occasion, I attach a song to this post, which will make this psychological exercise a deeper experience. Performed by Michael Graves, this song is called "Nobody Thinks About Me." The song is dedicated to the notorious Columbine High School shooting and gives an insight into what this situation felt like to the active shooters themselves. The active shooters during this incident were the kids who had gotten fed with getting bullied at that school and had chosen to react to the overwhelming frustration in the way they did. Please be sure to commit the results of your analysis of an active shooter situation through the eyes of the attacker to your memory. When the material on that subject is completed and published in the blog, the result of your psychological practice will lay the foundation for absorbing the theoretical knowledge that the material will contain on a deeper level. It is important that you take your time with this exercise. If you want to, of course. Stay frosty, dear Brothers and Sisters.

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Rom 13
Rom 13
Apr 13

I got bullied in high school too but I chose to fight back with my fist to learn self defense and to stand up for others. The Columbine shooting was something sicker than that they both wore shirts of darwinian influence and believed in survival of the fittest psychotically they saw themselves as the apex predators of the situation.

I think it's essential to teach your children at the moment firearm safety, as well as improvised weapons, and give them on the idea of maybe like a Zombie Go Boom element. If you can destroy a zombie or destroy a vampire in a school you can most likely deal with any threat that comes your way. Or at least have some kind of deterrent, as the CDC would tell you if you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse you're prepared for anything. We've all been exposed to number two pencils and modifications of tactical pens as well as clandestine ways of using them as counter Ambush tools in close proximity and pretending to be vulnerable. I think every single one of us has had some elements of Penitentiary/riot tools like locks tied to socks screw drivers or millwall bricks. Take the initiative to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. You are the first responder. I know this community has way more knowledge about first aid than I do I just remember the basics. I have a local school just a block away from me I saw an individual pulling on the door, s and walking around scanning the school, and he looked like he was casing the place. This was right around the time that Hamas was threatening attacks because of the Israel conflict.

Turned out he was a security contractor but law enforcement was very happy that I got to them with that Intel. I told them that I wasn't going to take action unless I saw that he was armed he was wearing a large backpack though it is a very scary thing to see. I think one of these days I want to run all these teachers through an improvised weapons crash course and try to get them on the mindset of basic Escape evasion you know like getting out of zip ties and duct tape. It'll be great also to co-respond with like a first aid guy maybe somebody that works as an EMT but I know that the local school liaison has already gone through some kind of formal training.

It would be outstanding if they were playing around in this community to learn and to know what we know. Then they can keep them kids safe. The way that schools are indoctrinating children though you have to be into question do they really care about laying their life down forThe way that schools are indoctrinating children though you have to be into question do they really care about laying their life down for these children. I know my local community so if I shoot my hunting rifle at a crazed individual who's going in there armed I'm ready to die for them.

This violence is taking place in more than just the American school though you have gang violence and terrorist attacks all over the world. Because I've been bullied I think I can relate to most of the things that these guys would be experiencing maybe to a sense of de-escalation. But if that fails I will play the part to react. Good luck guys I hope none of usGood luck guys I hope none of us ever have to experience this. It is exceptionally rare as a statistic according to Colion Noir.



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