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Tribe 13 is a network of professionals specialized in providing training programs regarding trauma emergency care, edged weapons, fire weapons tactics, escape and evasion, weaponology.

TRIBE 13  provides top courses and seminars, training & mentorship via group classes, and 1 on 1 personalized training. We offer also online classes that can help the student  to understand theoretically and to learn  basic elements.

TRIBE 13 instructors have a proficient expertise in operations in hostile environments.

Our experts provide training courses and seminars, conferences and security consultancy everywhere in the world.

Our sole purpose is to provide superior training, detailed evaluation, and dedicated support while maintaining the highest ethical values.


Our MISSION is to support the civilians that have no access to technical and systematical training in modern combat tactics and to offer them knowledge, practical and theoretical that will definitely contribute to their survival in real violence cases or emergency situations.

TRIBE 13 is offering intensive training to civilians, law enforcement, military and security personell with the goal to create PROTECTORS.

We believe all the communities would benefit from a warrior tribe of individuals protecting it at all times. We provide training and we share the knowledge that can prepare any individual to become a Protector.

Tribe 13 is your one-stop platform where you can learn and train to be your first responder. Our mission is to help ordinary people become better protectors who have what it takes to respond to various kinds of emergencies and defend themselves, their loved ones, and those around them against unlawful violence. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, including security professionals, emergency responders, and survival experts. What unites us is our inner flame of the protector, guided by our love for humanity. We neither have nor support any political, religious, or other agendas that divide people. We stand against prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping. We condemn hate speech, hate crime, and extremism. If you share those values, we are delighted to welcome you to our community. Join us and start becoming a better protector today!


TRIBE 13 is providing members an easy way to find each other so they can share knowledge between them, organize and get together for training events, or work in different projects related to the Tribe.

Doesn’t matter the location were you are, TRIBE 13 ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM will provide you a multitude of training videos and study materials that you can access from your own place at any time.

Tribe 13 Online Platform is here to provide knowledge and inspiration to anyone dedicated enough to seek it.

By mastering different skills and find people with the same warrior and protector mentality you can make your tribe, your community safer.

By becoming a TRIBE 13 member you will have access to unique content regarding fire weapons, knife combat, trauma emergency care, survival, escape and evasion and combat mindset, .
All the materials are reserved only for the TRIBE members and are streamed only on this Platform. 
Every week are uploaded new training videos and other study materials. It is a great resource of knowledge for every individual that wants to improve his skills and become better protectors.

Tribe 13 Online Training Platform is not about some individuals that want to be part of a weekend club.  This is a community, where all we search to achieve the ultimate goal, to become better Protectors and use our skills to protect the ones around,  the weak, the poor and all that are needing us.

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