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Tribe 13 Protector

Tribe 13 is a network of professionals who specialize in diverse areas of expertise including self-defense and personal security, personal protection, threat assessment and management, trauma and emergency care, survival, escape and evasion, edged weapons and tactics, firearms and tactics, and weaponology.


Backed by experience of operating in hostile environments, our instructors have first-hand knowledge that having proper training is a game changer in the ability to protect yourself and those around you from a vast spectrum of threats.


Tribe 13 constantly works on providing its members with a broad range of group and personalized learning and training opportunities, online and offline, including instructional materials, courses, programs, seminars, and mentorship in its key areas of expertise.


We see it as our mission to support ordinary civilians who do not have access to high-quality systematic training in these areas, giving them the chance to gain life-saving knowledge and skills required to survive violent encounters, emergency situations, and threatening environments and to keep those around them safe.


We are convinced that every community has a lot to gain from having a group of self-driven dedicated individuals who train and go the extra mile to protect their community against a variety of threats at all times.


We empower professionals in our main areas of expertise by providing them with targeted learning and training opportunities that can help them keep their knowledge up to date and eliminate skill gaps.


We serve as a reliable source of dedicated support to individuals and businesses alike from around the world by offering them our expert security consultancy.

Tribe 13 Online Training Platform


Tribe 13 Online Training Platform provides its members with an easy way to connect with each other so they can share their knowledge and experience, organize and get together for training events, and take part in various projects related to Tribe 13.


No matter where you are, Tribe 13 Online Training Platform helps you tap into a multitude of learning and training materials, making it easier than ever to gain knowledge and acquire skills for anyone dedicated enough to seek them.


Connect with like-minded people, driven by the same inner flame of the protector, and gain unique knowledge and skills to keep yourself, your closest, and your community safe in our troubled times.

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