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Knife Combat
Knife Combat Course Certificate
Knife Combat

TACTICAL COMBAT SYSTEM  is an unique and modern blade system based on reality concepts learn and experience by Chief Instructor Matei Florin in real situations. With many seminars and courses organized in different countries, teaching for police, military, security and civilian personnel, make this system one of the best choice to learn blade combat.

It is very important to understand first how the criminal minded individuals are operating, what is their “modus operandi“. Only like this you will be able to identify the right tactics and strategies that will increase the chances of surviving. 

The tehniques that Matei is teching are a combination of methods that the criminals are using to ambush their prey and counter ambushing tactics. No fancy things, no choreography, no bullshido….only simple deadly strategy.

The criminals will close the distance between the them and the victim using deceptive techniques. They will have their weapon prepared and they will look for the right moment in which you are not aware. That is the time when they will start a brutal attack using in many cases also the method of graping the victim so they can reduce the posibility of escaping.

“I am many times shocked how people invest so much time and money in studying different disciplines that will never help them. This self defense industry has become a business in which instructors are selling their imaginary magic formula to persons that were never experience violence. I am trying to awaken people to understand how far away from the reality they are when we talk about violence and I refer to the ambushes.

People are investing time, money and belief in a teacher, in a method and in time they become part of a certain type of cult. T-shirts, belts, certificates, photos on social media showing what they think is the formula that will help them survive. Then somebody like me appears in their life trying to tell them that reality is different and all the things they learned will not matter. They cannot renounce. I am somebody that wants to destroy their castle of sand. I am here only to share with you my knowledge and my experience, the rest is depending on you.” – Matei Florin

Knife fighting TCS system is created in such a way that the participants will be able to learn in short time basic and advanced techniques with different kinds of blades. In my opinion knife is one of the best choice  in close combat situations.

The system is simple, efficient and brutal! Is a combination of close combat and throwing techniques.

No fancy art, no dancing moves.

Knife Combat DECEPTIVE Techniques

“All warfare is based on deception” Sun Tzu

TCS is different from the majority of systems out there because is about simple and efficent techniques, putting a lot of accent on using deceptive tactics. Deception is the skill to use methods of deploying, moving, transfering and hidding the weapon until the right moment to strike. Master the skills to ambush and to use deception because nothing related to violence involves honor or rules.

If you want to organize for your group this type of course please contact us. 

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