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Prepared Citizen Combat training


  • Course Name: Prepared Citizen

  • Learning Modules: Self-Defense, Trauma Emergency Medicine and First Aid, Firearm Handling, Emergency Situations

  • Course Overview:

    • Duration: 2 days

    • Objective: Empowering individuals with essential skills to handle various challenging situations and emergencies.

    • Learning Modules: Self-Defense, Trauma Emergency Medicine and First Aid, Firearm Handling, Emergency Situations

Module 1 - Self-Defense

  • Learn practical self-defense techniques to protect yourself and others.

  • Topics Covered:

    • Situational awareness and threat assessment.

    • Basic physical self-defense moves.

    • Escaping holds and grabs.

    • Defense against common attacks.

    • Using of edged and impact weapons.

Module 2 - Trauma Emergency Medicine and First Aid

  • Acquire life-saving skills to respond to medical emergencies and provide essential first aid.

  • Topics Covered:

    • Assessing and stabilizing traumatic injuries.

    • STOP the BLEED

    • Treatment of stabbing and gunshoot wounds.

    • CPR and AED training.

    • Wound management and bandaging techniques.

    • Dealing with burns and other common emergencies.

  • Instructors with medical backgrounds and experience in emergency medicine.

Module 3 - Firearm Handling

  • Understand the safe and responsible use of firearms for self-defense purposes.

  • Topics Covered:

    • Firearm safety rules and handling procedures.

    • Proper grip, stance, and aiming techniques.

    • Live-fire exercises under strict supervision.

    • Simulated scenarios to develop decision-making skills.

  • Instructors with extensive knowledge of firearm safety and training.

  • This Module is adaptable to the fireweapon laws form the country were the course is taking place.


Module 4 - Emergency Situations

  • Develop the skills needed to effectively respond and manage emergencies.

  • Topics Covered:

    • Evacuation and sheltering procedures.

    • Communication strategies during emergencies.

    • Handling natural disasters and severe weather events.

    • Crisis management and decision-making under stress.

Benefits of Prepared Citizen

  • Comprehensive Training: Gain knowledge and skills across multiple modules for a holistic approach to personal preparedness.

  • Enhanced Confidence: Feel more secure and confident in your ability to handle challenging situations.

  • Lifelong Skills: Acquire valuable skills that can be applied in various aspects of life, promoting safety and well-being.

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced professionals in each field, ensuring high-quality instruction.

  • Network Building: Connect with like-minded individuals who value personal preparedness.

Be Ready for Anything with Prepared Citizen

  • Register now and become a Prepared Citizen!

  • This course can be organized as an individual or a small group of people, community members.

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