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Stop the Bleed Course

Bleeding to death is the number 1 preventable cause of death.

The only thing more tragic than death by bleeding to death...

Stop the Bleed Instructor
Stop the Bleed Instructor

The STB program is geared towards healthcare professionals and laypersons who may be the first to respond to emergencies, teaching them how to effectively intervene in order to save lives following an active-shooter incident, accident, or other catastrophic bleeding event. Hemorrhagic trauma can be fatal, but bleeding control techniques can be life-saving.

Our Tribe 13 instructors  are STOP THE BLEED register instructors and also ambassadors of this campaign.

It is important to remember that stopping severe bleeding is a critical emergency skill that can save lives. In situations where medical help is not immediately available, individuals who are trained in these techniques can take quick action to control bleeding and prevent further injury or death.


Breakdown: The aim of this training is to provide every student with the necessary skills to confidently administer life-saving emergency medical treatment. The course will concentrate on the fundamentals of emergency medicine and how to maintain the patient's vital signs until they can receive more advanced medical assistance. The training will consist of a classroom segment, practical exercises, and simulation scenarios in which students will be required to diagnose injuries and provide care to the patient before the bleeding becomes fatal. This training is crucial for anyone who carries a medical kit and desires to be equipped to rescue the life of someone they love, themselves, or a passerby in a crisis.

Duration: 8 hours

The medical training equipment is provided by Tribe 13.

If you want to organize for your group, or company this type of course please contact us. 

Certificate Stop the Bleed
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